The following more-detailed fact sheets have been prepared for two groups of substances:

  1. Those of greatest concern, alcohol and cannabis, because in 2007 they were used by more than 30 percent of the Nova Scotia student population.
  2. Those that are seen as emerging drugs of concern (mescaline/psilocybin, non-medical use of amphetamines and methylphenidate (Ritalin)1, ecstasy, pharmaceutical products, anabolic steroids, and methamphetamine).
These fact sheets are intended primarily as additional information for teachers to assist in responding to questions students may have. They can also be photocopied and distributed to students to support some of the work required by the learning theme activities. Every effort has been made to simplify the reading level of these sheets. The nature of some of the terms and concepts associated with specific drugs means that some students may struggle with some of the material in these sheets. Teachers may want to review the sheets for appropriateness before distributing them to students.

1. Nicotine was used by 16 percent of high school students in the year previous to 2007, but as mentioned earlier, it is addressed in another supplement, Smoke- Free for Life. Grades Seven to Nine. A Smoking Prevention Curriculum Supplement. (1992; updated 2002).