Drawing the Line


Drawing the Line: Problem gambling curriculum supplement (junior and senior high school)

Drawing the Line (1997), a resource for the prevention of problem gambling, is available to Nova Scotia’s junior and senior high schools. Drawing the Line introduces students to the risk of gambling through group exercises, games, class discussions, and other activities. Students explore the nature of risk taking and become familiar with the signs and stages of problem gambling. The program is intended to prepare students to “draw the line” when confronted with opportunities to gamble, both now and later in their adult years.

Packaged as two spiral-bound manuals for junior and senior high school teachers,
Drawing the Line includes user-friendly information such as a history of gambling, gambling in Nova Scotia, the economics of gambling, and the effect of problem gambling on the family. Printed versions of Drawing the Line: Volume 1 Junior High are no longer available, however the resource is available for downloading at http://www.gov.ns.ca/hpp/addictionPrevention.html.

CAUTION: Teachers are advised that some of pages in the 1997 Drawing the Line curriculum supplement are out of date. Plans have been made to revise and update the resource in the future, and the Department of Health Promotion and Protection will be seeking advice and feedback from teachers during this process.