Smoke Free for Life


Smoke Free for Life: Tobacco use prevention curriculum supplement (grades P–9; English and French)

As indicated earlier in this supplement, tobacco is not addressed within this resource because of the availability of a resource on this topic. Smoke-Free for Life is a series of three curriculum supplements designed to help prevent the use of tobacco. They contain grade-specific lesson plans, overheads, and masters. Published in 1996 and revised in 2002, the manuals cover grades primary–3, 4–6, and 7–9. The content is designed to mesh with the Nova Scotia Elementary School Health Curriculum and the Junior High School Healthy Living Curriculum.

The resource is teacher-friendly and has been evaluated by teachers at all three grade levels. Lessons require minimum preparation time. Detailed, easy-to-follow lesson plans include masters and overhead transparencies. Background “infosheets” prepare teachers to lead discussions. Suggestions for lesson variation assist in adapting lessons for the needs of the class. Ideas for extension activities invite continuation of learning across the curriculum.

Available from the Nova Scotia School Book Bureau at`