The purpose of this activity is to provide a “springboard” for discussion and an opportunity to examine some myths around alcohol and cannabis, two substances that grade 7 students are likely to encounter.

  1. Explain that misinformation about alcohol and other drugs can have consequences. To avoid this, people need to know the facts.

  2. Ask the students to form teams of two or three and distribute a copy of Student Handout 7.A-Fact or Fiction Quiz to each team. If you prefer, you can use a slide of all the questions and complete this exercise with the entire class as a group.

  3. Instruct the students to respond to each statement with a T (True) or F (False) next the statement.

  4. Once the teams have completed the quiz, review their responses to each quiz item with the entire class using Student Handout 7.B-Fact or Fiction Answers. Ask for one person from each team to be the official responder for their team. Then ask for a show of hands from each team that answered “true” and “false” for each of the 10 items. List the numbers 1 through 10 on the board and keep track of how many teams responded true or false for each question.

  5. Once the responses from each team are recorded, review each statement using the provided answer key.

  6. Once you have gone over the answers, the class can discuss the results with the following questions as discussion starters:
    • Did any of the correct responses surprise you? If so, which ones?
    • Were you surprised by #2 when alcohol is referred to as a drug? Do you tend to think of alcohol as a drug? Do you understand why it is a drug?

  7. Optional: Ask the students to think back to some of the things they wrote about alcohol and cannabis on the graffiti wall in the previous class. Then, ask the following questions:

    • Did any of you notice that some of the things you wrote on the graffiti wall were not true? What things written on the wall were not true?
    • Is there anything on the wall that we haven't discussed through the quiz?