A significant source of self-influence is the amount of knowledge an individual has about a topic and the extent to which that knowledge is accurate or inaccurate. Accurate information is important to be able to make and act on informed decisions. Unfortunately, when it comes to alcohol and other drugs, there are numerous myths and misconceptions. This session will provide accurate information concerning some of the relative risks and harms of substance use and will correct common misconceptions. The emphasis is on alcohol and cannabis, the two psychoactive substances most commonly used among junior high students in Nova Scotia.

Good information is important in making sound decisions in situations involving substance use, but it isn't sufficient. It is also important for a student to have a clear understanding of his or her goals and values and to factor them into any important decision of this sort. Beyond that, it is also necessary for students to be familiar enough with a method for making decisions that they are able to apply it in these situations. This session will help students clarify their goals and values and introduce a decision-making model-WHOA (Wait, Have a Brain, Options, Action)-that students can incorporate into their day-to-day decisions.

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