Note to teacher:

There are two options for this session. One is to ask the students to bring in their ads during the class preceding this activity so that you can review the materials and make a decision about which ads will be used in class. Then ask the students who brought in the selected ads to comment on why they chose those ads. The second option is to ask the students to bring in their ads the day of the class, have each student present their ad(s), and explain why they think it might appeal to teenagers.

  1. Begin the session by reminding the students that they were given an assignment about alcohol advertising during the first class on alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs. That assignment involved collecting alcohol ads they thought might appeal to teenagers.

  2. Ask the students to pick one of their ads to share with their class. Ask each student to show or describe their ad and indicate why they think it might appeal to teenagers. As the students talk about their ads, make a note of the reasons they give for the ad's potential appeal to teenagers so that you can present a summary at the end of the presentations.

  3. Once all the students have presented their ads, ask the class the following questions:
    • Now that you have seen these ads, do you believe that alcohol advertising can get the attention of teenagers? [Be prepared to counteract a “no” response.]
    • What techniques or approaches do the ads use that make them appealing to teenagers? [Watch for things such as including animals, showing young-looking people having a good time, including a well-known sports or entertainment celebrity, having a cartoon-like look to the ad, or using a well-known song as part of the ad.]
    • Why do you think the companies that sell alcohol would want their ads to catch the attention of teenagers? [A possible answer is to lay the foundation for the next generation of alcohol product consumers.]

  4. Wrap up the session by asking the students to discuss what messages they think can be found in the ads. Some examples include
    • Drinking alcohol is fun.
    • People always have a better time when they drink.
    • People who drink alcohol have interesting lives.

    Ask the students to comment on whether they think the messages are accurate or not.