1. Remind the students that the focus of the previous classes has been developing an understanding of the way personal, social, and cultural or environmental factors affect the decisions they make about on alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs. Using the Circles of Influence slide (8.A), remind the students that these factors can be described as
    • How I influence myself
    • How others influence me
    • How I am influenced by the world around me

  2. Based on some of the activities taken in the unit, ask the students to provide some examples of the different types of influence.

    Picture 36

  3. Once the students have completed this list, remind5 them of the following:
    • We have control over some of these influences and no control over others. We can have control over what we know by trying to find out more, but we cannot have control over what substances are available in our community.
    • Sometimes an influence is negative, and sometimes it is positive. A friend encouraging us to join a sports team on the weekends is a positive influence; while another friend offering us a beer in their parents' basement is a negative influence.

  4. Explain to the students that they can do things about reducing negative influences and increasing positive influences, and can take more control over some of the influencing factors. Distribute Student Handout 8.E—What Can I Do about the Things That Can Influence Me?. Ask the students to complete the page by listing some of the things that influence their decisions about alcohol and other drugs in one column and then writing down how they can increase a positive influence or counteract a negative influence.

  5. Ask the students to hand in their sheets for assessment when complete.

5. Students were exposed to these two ideas in Healthy Living 7.