This session concentrates on an examination of parents and family as a source of influence. The session begins with a discussion of family rules or norms. It moves on to focus on the impact that one member’s substance use has on the family. This includes ways a teenager’s alcohol and other drug-related decisions and actions affect their family, and conversely, how the behaviour of other family members affects the student and the family. Students will be asked to brainstorm ideas about how an individual family member’s substance use affects others in the family. They will also be presented with case study scenarios and asked to analyse the situation through small-group work.

A summary of the curriculum links, activity objectives, time and preparation required, and the necessary materials can be found by clicking here or on the Outcomes link in this section.

Note: This session has the potential to bring family substance-use issues to the surface for some students. Plan for this possibility by reviewing the discussion Advice on early identification and referral processes in this supplement and discussing it with the school guidance counsellor.