In order to make healthy, informed choices, it is important that students have an accurate understanding of risks and harms linked to alcohol and other drug use in adolescence. If prepared, students can be their own best resource on substance-use questions and have a strong influence on themselves. Students are often skeptical of the information they receive on this topic, so this session places the onus on them, through group work, to gather, organize, and design a presentation format for accurate substance-specific information for their peers. It is often said that the best way to learn is to have to teach it to others. Students will need to translate their knowledge into an education resource such as a pamphlet or poster and present it to the class. Through this session, students will develop a clearer understanding of the effects, risks, and harms linked to the use of various substances and an understanding of the challenges of presenting relevant, accurate information for their peers.

This session will require three classes to complete: one to introduce the task, form groups, and start the research process; a second to continue the research and develop the product; and a third to present the resource to the class. Given that research and product design are distinct and time-consuming tasks in their own right, students may require a fourth class to complete the research and design. If so, total time to deliver the grade 9 unit will be extended from 6 hours to 6 hours, 45 minutes. If that amount of time is available, no changes are required to the rest of the unit. If it is not, consider dropping
Activity 9.4: The Party.

A summary of the curriculum links, activity objectives, time and preparation required, and the necessary materials can be found by clicking here or on the Outcomes link in this section.