1. Using the Circles of Influence slide (9.E), remind the students that the entire unit on alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs in this Healthy Living course has been on the types of things that can influence teens' decisions about alcohol and other drugs.

  2. Tell the students that many of the activities in the past few weeks actually included a fourth type of influence-the ways each of them as individuals can influence other people and maybe even things in their community. Remind them about the types of activities they completed under each of the three learning themes.

  3. Based on the things they have done in class, ask the students to brainstorm a list of things they can do that potentially influence others. The list might include
    • Informing others of drug-related risks
    • developing new ways of providing accurate information to teens
    • being aware of the risks and sharing their knowledge
    • getting involved when a friend seems to be having trouble
    • preventing an accident or injury
    • paying attention to the development of treatments in the news; writing letters to the editor
    • lobbying politicians
    • saving a life

  4. Instead of brainstorming an inclusive list, keep the brainstorming to a minimum and ask each student to write down and submit their own personal list of how they can influence others. This can be used as an individual student assessment piece.