This page contains the all the information and instructions you will need for completing this online tutorial.

This online, self-guided tutorial is one orientation method that teachers can access to support the implementation of the curriculum supplement,
A Question of Influence.

This online tutorial is designed to prepare teachers to successfully deliver the
Grade 7, Grade 8 and/or Grade 9 Learning Themes, including an introductory theme (called The First Class) and a wrap-up theme (called the Final Session). The tutorial is self-guided and allows teachers to study and review the resource and its components individually or in small groups.


  • Under the sidebar (on the left of the screen) entitled “Teacher Orientation Tutorial”, there are a number of subtopics.
  • Each page in these subtopics is arranged in logical sequence, beginning with an introductory letter to the teacher. Grade specific tutorial sections comes next and a teacher orientation quiz completes the “Teacher Orientation Tutorial” section. It is recommended that teachers follow this sequence, beginning with the Importance of Drug Education overview page. It's link becomes visible when the grade-specific “Teacher Orientation Tutorial” link on the sidebar is clicked.
  • On each page in the tutorial, teachers are provided with brief instructions to guide their self study experience. Any such instructions appear in red. Audio-based explanations and recommendations for each Learning Theme are also included so that teachers can benefit from the experiences of educators who have already taught these units of study.
  • A special feature of the orientation is the inclusion of an “Introductory Movie” (a podcast-style video), which is an alternate delivery method for most of the information contained in all of the teacher orientation subtopics, except for the Self-Quiz. Each grade level video is approximately 15 minutes in length. It is recommended that teachers stop and start the video in subsequent viewings, taking the time to review the material and answer the questions and/or complete the suggested activities.
  • In each grade specific video, teachers are provided with an overview of each Learning Theme for that grade level. For each Learning Theme, the Introduction is stated, and teachers are asked questions, or directed to complete a task relevant to that plan.

The tutorial is designed to provide educators with the greatest flexibility in managing their time in becoming familiar with the curriculum supplement. The benefit of an online tutorial is that teachers can complete the tutorial on their own schedule! If teachers follow all of the instructions, read material in all the links, and complete the suggested tasks, it should take about three hours to complete.

A self-administered
quiz encourages teachers to test their knowledge. This teacher orientation quiz can be found in the last section of the Teacher Orientation Tutorial. Teachers can choose to complete the quiz online or offline, using a print version of the quiz.

Under the sidebar entitled “
The Curriculum Supplement”, Grade 7 - 9, teachers have access to all the same material as in the hard copy of the curriculum supplement. The Curriculum Supplement sidebar is many layers deep. Teachers are encouraged to take some time and scroll through the layers of subtopics and compare the organization of the topics to their hardcopy of the curriculum supplement. All teacher slides and student handouts are downloadable in both black and white blackline master format and in a PowerPoint presentation format.

Supplement can be explored from beginning to end, or teachers can jump to individual sections directly to refresh their knowledge prior to delivering a given Learning Theme.

To assist the Department of Education and the Department of Health Promotion and Protection, please complete the
Teacher Evaluation form in the last Appendix of this online document.

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