Below is the Introduction to Final Session as found in the Curriculum Supplement. Read through the overview for the Final Session.

The Final Session of Healthy Living 7 introduced students to the types of factors - individual, social, and environmental or cultural factors - that can influence their decisions regarding alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs.

This final session asks the students to reflect on what they have learned about influencing factors from the previous learning themes and activities. It asks them to demonstrate what they have learned by describing what types of influences they personally experience. By assigning the session's single activity, teachers have an opportunity to assess student progress and learning from the unit by students' responses to identifying their own influences or through the development of a rubric tailored by individual teachers for the activity.

Becoming Familiar with the Activities

Using either your hard copy of the supplement or by clicking on the
Final Session link, read through the time frame and the activities for this final session.

Checking My Understandings

This section is designed to ensure your familiarity with the Final Session. Check your responses to this question.

  1. How can you assess student learning about factors that influence the use of alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs?