Below is the Introduction to Learning Theme Three as found in the Curriculum Supplement. Read through the overview for Learning Theme Three.

Teenagers are faced with a variety of sources of influence in their communities and the world around them. They are exposed to the use of alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs in movies, television, the lyrics of popular songs, and the presence of alcohol outlets in their communities. They are also exposed to a wide range of advertising that promotes and normalizes the use of alcohol. In theory, alcohol advertising should be designed for young and older adults but not teenagers who are under the legal drinking age. In practice, the intended target audience of specific ads is questionable.

This activity in Learning Theme Three is intended to encourage students to turn a critical eye on local alcohol advertising and evaluate the apparent messages as well as the various audiences that might find the ads appealing.

Becoming Familiar with the Activities

Using either your hard copy of the supplement or by clicking on the
Learning Theme Three link, read through the time frame and the activities for this learning theme.

Checking My Understandings

This section is designed to ensure your familiarity with Learning Theme Three. Check your responses to these questions before proceeding to the Final Session.

  1. What multiple messages do alcohol advertisements convey?
  2. What critical and evaluative skills can you hope to foster in students for looking at alcohol advertising?

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