Grade Seven Teachers:

  • Having everything for a unit brought together in such a way is very helpful.
  • Several of these units would be exciting!!!
  • A very interesting and informative resource that promotes good discussion {with students}.
  • I love how it targets decision-making and choices rather than focusing on factual materials on drugs and alcohol.
  • We like how the introduction sections are done with the outcomes, curriculum links, time frame and preparation.
  • All students seemed to enjoy working in groups and they loved being able to share responses in front of the class.
  • About the “Fast Fact” cards: Students willingly participated and offered answers… Students who do not speak out as often enjoyed matching the cards to the correct factor.
  • WHOA! Model is great!
  • The students liked to add to the lesson with their own stories.
  • Students took this… seriously. All groups approached their story seriously and came up with many solutions.
  • Students responded to the use of “peer influence” rather than “peer pressure” and it helped them brainstorm examples more easily.
  • {Students love} Any chance to perform but almost all the students took their skits seriously and came up with great ideas to present their solutions from the toolkit.
  • Students loved the WHOA model and use it in the halls {outside class} for more decision making.

Grade Seven Students:
  • I liked these activities… because it gets you to think twice about drugs
  • I liked the class discussion because I like to hear others answers and opinions so I can compare them to mine.
  • The discussion gave me ideas I would not have thought of myself.
  • I can voice my opinions and get to know my classmates better and hear what they have to say.
  • You really learn a lot in the unit about making decisions about things in general and not just alcohol. It can help you to learn a good way to make important choices in life.
  • I got to think about what’s important to me and how it can be affected by drugs.
  • Crazy cool! It had quizzes and art and I loved it!
  • All the activities were interesting because we got to discuss the answers with each other and because we applied things to our lives.
  • I liked when the teacher put the chart paper up and we got sticky notes to put our ideas on and put them into the category they fit in. It got you thinking about the issues.
  • I learned why drugs were bad; only knew they were bad before.

    About the WHOA decision-making model
  • I liked this because we make decisions every day and we would use this a lot.
  • It was AWESOME to learn about.
  • it tells you what to do when someone

    On working in groups
  • You are not alone and if you don’t understand you can tell them {other students} and they will help you.