Below is the Introduction to Learning Theme One, as found in the Curriculum Supplement. Read through the overview for Learning Theme One.

A major source of self-influence for adolescents is their access to accurate knowledge and their ability to identify and correct common misconceptions. The purpose of this activity plan is to clarify common student misperceptions concerning alcohol, cannabis, and pharmaceutical products and to provide them with a greater understanding of the risks.

Learning Theme One addressed risks which include injury, longer-term health problems, and coming into conflict with the law. This will be accomplished through students’ participation in a “game show” where teams compete with each other to come up with the correct response to a series of questions on the risks associated with the use of alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs.

Becoming Familiar with the Activities

Using either your hard copy of the supplement or by clicking on the
Learning Theme One link, read through the time frame and the activities for this learning theme.

Checking My Understandings

This section is designed to ensure your familiarity with Learning Theme One. Check your responses to these questions before proceeding to the second Learning Theme.

  1. What are the risks associated the use of alcohol, cannabis and other drugs?
  2. What are the legal implications of illegal alcohol and drug use?

All done? Please go to Learning Theme Two.