Below is the Introduction to Learning Theme Three as found in the Curriculum Supplement. Read through the overview for Learning Theme Three.

In Learning Theme Three, students explore positive ideas about drinking alcohol that are promoted and reinforced in ads for alcohol. A key component of this exploration includes understanding the consequences of drinking—the negative side of alcohol use that is seldom alluded to in alcohol ads.

Students will discuss some common myths about drinking that seem to be upheld in alcohol advertising. In groups, students create their own parody ads that try to portray the reality of the consequences of drinking.

Becoming Familiar with the Activities

Using either your hard copy of the supplement or by clicking on the
Learning Theme Three link, read through the time frame and the activity for this learning theme.

Checking My Understandings

This section is designed to ensure your familiarity with Learning Theme Three. Check your responses to these questions before proceeding to the Final Session.

  1. What role does the media play in promoting alcohol and other drug use?
  2. How does the media portray self-image and lifestyle choices?

All done? Please go to the Final Session.