Grade Nine Teachers:

  • I liked the idea that the available {web} sites are listed and students can access them immediately rather than spend 50 minutes looking only to come up empty handed.
  • I really like the group pamphlet and presentation.
  • {The fact sheets are) not too wordy. Students can scan them and add information.
  • The “Party” is a good idea, The students are put in role situations that are very realistic.
  • Really like the debate idea… Student opinions are very important and often not heard.
  • Excellent! The entire resource is easy to read, well organized and has a good layout
  • I find the design very user-friendly.
  • I find the information precise and to the point; easy to understand.
  • The activity plans are excellent for the classroom.
  • {The resource} meets the {NS Education Curriculum} outcomes well.
  • I look forward to using it with my class.
  • I really liked the scenarios.
  • I can see this {resource} being useful with my students. I think students will enjoy it and learn from it.
  • Awesome info {in the background section}.
  • It was an easy resource to read and understand.
  • Students loved working in a small group, researching topics. They were genuinely interested.
  • Students liked the idea of making a website for their final project.

Grade Nine Students:
  • I liked the class discussion because we could all state our opinions,
  • I liked the class discussion because people got to share past experiences and we get to talk about the things it effects.
  • Everyone discusses about drugs and it helps you to learn more than just reading and doing worksheets,
  • Doing the drug project is going to be fun.
  • I like voicing my opinion and hearing others as well.
  • I like the topics and ideas everyone has about the use of drugs and alcohol for students.
  • {I liked creating the pamphlet} because you learn and absorb more.
  • It was good to know {what to do} in case of an emergency situation.
  • I think this {emergency response} has really good information that everyone needs to know.
  • I learned how to help someone when they need the help.